Hot Tub Buying Guide

A Guide on Buying a Hot Tub

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Hot Tub

Whether for recreation, relaxation or therapy, at this point in your search for a hot tub you’ve probably noticed there are all kinds to choose from. So how to pick a hot tub? For our customers, it comes down to:

The Difference Between a Canadian Hot Tub and an Acrylic Spa
  • Natural beauty: The beauty of cedar brings a natural and elegant look to your backyard that you just can’t get with a plastic spa.
  • Depth: With 4 feet of depth (5 feet in Total Therapy), you can relax neck deep in soothing, swirling hot water.
  • Therapy: Hot tub/hot water therapy is well known to help treat and sooth people suffering with injuries and chronic illnesses like arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica and diabetes.
  • Comfort: you can stand up, walk around and stretch out unconfined to uncomfortable, pre-moulded plastic seats that don’t fit everyone’s body-type.
  • Simplicity: Not everyone wants a thousand jets and a sound system in their hot tub- they want a beautiful addition to their decor that offers maximum relaxation.
  • Price: our products are priced competitively!
Indoor/Outdoor Hot Tub Use

When you think ‘Canada’ let’s be honest… you probably think SNOW, right? Well, our hot tubs are designed for the (often harsh!) Canadian winters so you can enjoy the use and relaxation of your hot tub year round- whatever the weather! But, if you prefer to soak indoors, Canadian Hot Tubs are the perfect choice! Because our hot tubs are assembled on site they can easily be moved into any space (through doorways and down stairs), while acrylic spas can require a crane to move into position. So if you think you have to completely remodel your home to accommodate your indoor hot tub consider the alternative of a hot tub that can easily be installed in basements, on rooftops, and even on condo terraces.

Choosing the Best Hot Tub Size

Choosing the right hot tub will depend on you, but whatever your needs we have a model for you!

  • for couples or small families, the Muskoka or Saguenay is ideal.
  • Need more space for entertaining? Our mid-sized tubs, the Algonquin and Manitoulin are perfect.
  • if you need LOTS of room our 7 foot round Okanagan is right for you.
  • if aqua therapy is your goal our 5 feet deep Total Therapy is the perfect fit.
  • if you have limited space (indoors or out) our Tub for 2 will give you the real hot tub experience in a small package




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