The following is a number of questions frequently asked by our customers. If you do not find the answer you need please contact us by email or through our toll free number at 1-800-265-6355.

For our customers, it comes down to three main reasons. One is the natural beauty and aesthetics of our products. The beauty of the cedar gives you a much more natural and elegant look in your backyard than you can ever get with a plastic spa. The second reason is the depth. With 4 feet of depth (5 feet in the Total Therapy), you can relax neck deep in soothing, swirling hot water. Finally there is comfort; our customers like that they can stand up, walk around and stretch out and are not confined to uncomfortable, pre-moulded plastic seats that don’t fit everyone’s body-type. As well, our products are priced very competitively.

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Both. Most people like to enjoy their hot tubs outside and our hot tubs are designed for the Canadian winter. However, for any one who wants the ease of an indoor hot tub, Canadian Hot Tubs is the perfect choice. Canadian Hot Tubs are assembled on site…they can easily be moved through doorways and down stairs. This is a distinct advantage over acrylic spas that often require a crane to move into position.

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You can use Elementskit. Its robust and Our hot tubs are designed to be assembled by anyone with good “handyman” skills and tools. Our hot tubs come with a manual, detailed online videos and of course we are here to help. If you don’t have the time, any local contractor will be able to help you, or we may be able to recommend someone in your area.

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When your hot tub is filled with water in will weigh several tonnes, depending on the size. For outdoors installation, a concrete pad is best, but you can use patio stones or railway ties as long as they are solid enough to support the weight and won’t shift. For indoor installations, a concrete basement floor is ideal.

Many of our hot tubs do not require much space, making them ideal for urban backyards, small decks and basements. If you have a space 7 feet-square, you probably have enough room for a hot tub.

It really depends on how you foresee using your hot tub. For couples or small families, the Muskoka or Saguenay is ideal. If you require more space for entertaining, then our mid-sized tubs, the Algonquin and Manitoulin are perfect. If you need lots of room, then our 7 foot round Okanagan is right for you. If aqua therapy is your goal, then our 5 feet deep Total Therapy is right for you. Finally, if you have limited space indoors or out, our Tub for 2 will give you the real hot tub experience in a small package.

Generally no. Our covers are designed to seal the heat and moisture inside the tub. When the hot tub is in use and the cover rolled back, the moisture that escapes will be similar to taking a shower. You can install a bathroom fan to vent the vapour when the hot tub is in use.

Canadian Hot Tubs are designed to be used outside during Canadian winters. Wood is a great natural insulator. As well, we provide Ayrfoil™ reflecting insulation to line the hot tub walls and floor (under the liner) and to wrap all the plumbing. This additional layer of reflecting insulation ensures that our hot tubs are the most energy efficient cedar hot tub available. As well, our spa packs are programmable so that they can be set to run for only part of the day, thereby reducing operating costs. It is always a good idea to add a thermal blanket during the winter months to further reduce energy consumption. Depending on size, location, rates and set temperature, most people find it costs $2 -$3 per day to operate their hot tub.* Very large hot tubs like the Total Therapy will cost more.

*energy usage

220V with 40A GFCI. Only the Tub for 2 is available with a 120V, plug-and-play spa pack for indoor use.

Our hot tubs are equipped with a circulation system and filter that will keep the water clean and sparkling.

It depends on usage, but generally it is a good idea to change the water at least 2 or 3 times a year. It is very easy to do- you fill it with a garden hose and drain it with a garden hose. It is not connected to your home plumbing system.

No problem. Simply drain the water from the tub and lines. Drain any water from the pump by loosening the plug at the bottom. For greater protection, the spa pack can be easily disconnected and moved inside when not in use for an extended period.

Many of our customers tell us they use their Canadian Hot Tub almost every day…it becomes a part of their daily routine that they look forward to and cherish. For some it’s a relaxing tub before bed, others with a morning coffee or after a workout. Many parents say that it is a great and memorable place for “family time” with the kids; for others, it’s the focal point for entertaining friends. Whatever your lifestyle, your Canadian Hot Tub will be a part of it.

We used to make our hot tubs without liners but there are just too many problems with unlined cedar hot tubs – leaking, sanitation issues, wood-rot – that we developed and started using liners about 35 years ago. Liners also make the tub more comfortable to sit in (no rough edges or slivers). As well, our liners eliminate the “steeped tea” problem inherent in unlined cedar hot tubs; that is colour and pigment from the wood will leach into the water and discolour it, giving bathers the effect of sitting in a pot of tea.

Another important benefit of using liners is that it enables us to add an extra layer of insulation between the liner and wood. The use of Ayrfoil™ reflecting insulation more than doubles the insulating value of cedar alone, making Canadian Hot Tubs the most energy efficient cedar hot tubs on the market.

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Yes, they come with a 10 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

I have an unlined cedar hot tub that I purchased several years ago. The wood is starting to rot and I can’t get it to stop leaking. Can I buy just a liner from you?

Yes. We supply liners to cedar hot tub owners all over Canada and the USA. If it is a standard sized hot tub, one of our stock liners will generally work, or we can custom make a liner to fit most wooden hot tubs. Please call for more information.








We understand if you have more questions before you can make a decision. Let our expert help you.

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