Top five ways that you can help your family get the most out of a hot tub

Meet Jenny. Jenny has a stately single-family home in a quiet, beautifully-treed suburb. With her husband away working night shifts more often, she has taken on the bulk of childcare for her two young children.

One day, Jenny looks out on her open-concept backyard and is struck by the compelling idea to add a hot tub to the space. She begins researching options and finally settles on one of our outdoor cedar hot tubs. She is particularly excited that the cedar blends naturally into her backyard landscape and will give her freedom of movement with its four-foot depth.

“Now,” muses Jenny as she ponders this new feature of her home and life, “how can I make the most out of this new hot tub?”

What would you tell her?

You might be surprised at the many benefits you can gain from owning a hot tub – read on to learn how you can take full advantage of them!


  1. Focus on the emotional wellness benefits of your hot tub

Our friend Jenny was feeling the pressure of additional childcare responsibilities. Soaking in the hot tub at the end of a particularly tense day can help to elevate your mood, calm your nerves, and provide relief from feelings of anxiety and depression.

Soaking in the hot tub two hours before bed time for at least 20 minutes additionally helps to clear your mind and give you deeper sleep – which, of course, helps with all aspects of your emotional wellness! When you step out of the hot tub, your body cools itself down quickly. This decrease of core body temperature increases the likelihood of getting deeper sleep (read the study on this here).


  1. Make your hot tub into a social catalyzer

Everyone can enjoy your new hot tub, making it the perfect place to reconnect with the people who matter in your life! Invite friends over and serve up some snacks and tasty beverages.

A hot tub is perfect year-round for these social gatherings. Whether it is in the depths of winter or on a relaxing summer’s evening, your hot tub can help to bring people together and enhance your overall social wellbeing.

And with that in mind…


  1. Introduce a little bit of hygge into your life with your hot tub

What is hygge? Hygge (‘hoo-gah’) is a Danish term that is meant to embody cosiness, warmth, and community. Your hot tub can help you to activate the hygge in your personal, family, and social life.

Invite your family and friends to gather at the hot tub. Hygge is all about enjoying the good things in life with good people, so do not hold back on complimenting the gathering with elements such as mood lighting and calming background music. Anything that works for your crew to create conviviality!


  1. Turn your hot tub into a private retreat

Your family and friends will be a big part of your hot tub experience. However, turning your hot tub into a private retreat will also afford you the benefits of improved wellbeing during your regular daily routine or during busy, stressful periods.

Many of our customers tell us that their hot tub quickly and easily becomes a part of their daily routine. You might enjoy dipping into the hot tub during your morning coffee or use it to relax tense muscles after a workout.

Soaking by yourself in the hot tub will always be a good option in your suite of wellness tools to help improve your overall wellbeing.


  1. Enjoy your hot tub for many years with a little bit of preventative maintenance

To keep your hot tub in good condition, you should change your hot tub water at least two or three times per year. This partially depends upon your usage levels. Our hot tubs come equipped with a circulation system and filter that will keep the water clean and sparkling.

You should also ensure that you have a hot tub cover. Leave this cover on when the hot tub is not in use. Our covers are lightweight and easy to roll up, while still being airtight. This avoids many of the common problems with bulky, water-logged covers.


Your new hot tub purchase will help you and your family to experience greater emotional wellbeing through improved sleep and reduced stress. It can also act as a space to deeply connect with the people in your life or give you a private little sanctuary to retreat to at the end of a long day.

Don’t forget regular hot tub maintenance to get the most enjoyment from your hot tub over the long term.

Our hot tubs are shipped all-inclusive but if you need parts, assistance, or have a question we’re here to help. Email or call us today!





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