Ongoing Use & Maintenance

Ongoing Use & Maintenance

Our customers use their Canadian Hot Tub almost every day! It becomes a part of their daily routine they look forward to and cherish: with a morning coffee or after a workout, entertaining friends, relaxing before bed. For parents it’s undisturbed family time- a place where their family creates memories together (OR a moment of serenity after the kids have gone to bed!).

Indoor Hot Tubs and Humidity: What You Need to Know

When picking an indoor hot tub the model is definitely important, and so is your cover. Our all inclusive hot tub packages include covers designed to seal heat and moisture inside the tub so humidity doesn’t become an issue. When you’re using your hot tub the moisture that escapes is similar to moisture from a shower.

Hot Tub Pro Tips!
  • Ensure hot tub cover is on when not in use
  • Install a bathroom fan to vent vapour when hot tub is in use
  • Use a dehumidifier if you’re concerned about humidity

A quick word of advice on covers…. If you’ve ever had to deal with a hot tub cover you already know… it’s NOT fun. Standard hot tub covers are basically sponges- taking on water, getting so heavy they’re hard (or impossible) to lift, developing mold and getting damaged. Canadian Hot Tub covers offer a completely different experience: a perfect seal with a lightweight and easy roll up design (you’ll LOVE the difference).

Why Your Hot Tub Needs a Liner

An unlined cedar hot tub can leak, rot or have sanitation issues, so your liner is key to preserving both your hot tub and your experience. Liners make the tub more comfortable (no rough edges or slivers) and eliminate the “steeped tea” issue with unlined cedar hot tubs (colour and pigment leaching into the water, discolouring it, giving bathers the effect of sitting in a pot of tea).

Another important benefit of our liners is that we add Ayrfoil™ reflecting insulation beneath the liner, more than doubling the insulating value of the cedar.

Liner Warranty: Your Canadian hot tub liner comes with a 10 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Purchasing a Hot Tub Liner: If you already have a hot tub but need a liner we supply liners to cedar hot tub owners all over North America. For a standard sized hot tub, one of our stock liners will generally work, or we can custom make a liner to fit most wooden hot tubs.

The Cost of Running Your Hot Tub

Many people wonder what the ongoing cost of running a hot tub will be. Most people find it costs $2 -$3 per day to operate their hot tub depending on size, location, rates and set temperature. Wood is a great natural insulator, but we also provide Ayrfoil™ reflecting insulation ensuring our hot tubs are the most energy efficient cedar hot tubs available. For even greater efficiency, our spa packs are programmable to run for specific times.

Hot Tub Pro Tip!

It’s a good idea to add a thermal blanket during the winter to further reduce energy consumption.

How to Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

Our hot tubs are equipped with a circulation system and filter that will keep the water clean and sparkling! Depending on usage it’s a good idea to change your hot tub water at least 2-3 times/year.

Seasonal Hot Tub Use

If you only use your hot tub for part of the year:

  • drain water from the tub and lines for its dormant period
  • drain water from the pump by loosening plug at the bottom

(The spa pack can also be disconnected and moved inside if not in use for an extended period).

Parts & Service

Our hot tubs are shipped all-inclusive but if you need parts, assistance, or have a question we’re here to help!

Send us an email anytime or contact us by phone Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST at 1-800-265-6355




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