The ultimate in relaxation matched with the elegance of Canadian handcrafted cedar.

About Our Hot Tubs

If you prefer an indoor soaking experience, Canadian Hot Tubs are the perfect choice!

Our indoor hot tubs are assembled on site and they can easily be moved into any space; for example, through doorways and down stairs (a distinct advantage to acrylic spas). Indoor hot tubs can easily be installed in basements, rooftops, or condo terraces.

The assembly installation offers detailed guides with video tutorials, and, if you still don’t feel comfortable assembling the Indoor Hot Tub on your own, we may be able to recommend a local contractor.

Our All Inclusive hot tub packages include covers designed to seal heat and moisture inside the tub so humidity doesn’t become an issue. When you’re using your hot tub the moisture that escapes is similar to moisture from a shower. Enjoy family relaxation, aqua therapy or invite friends for a soak, and don’t worry about limited space – we offer a variety of shapes and sizes. Check our detailed Hot Tub Buying Guide for more info.

Round Cedar Hot Tubs

A short overview of the round cedar hot tub packages, featuring the Muskoka (5ft diameter, 4ft deep), Algonquin (6ft diameter, 4ft deep) and Okanagan (7ft diameter, 4ft deep).
Canadian Hot Tub in Backyard

Oval Cedar Hot Tubs

Presenting the main features of our oval hot tubs packages: "Tub for 2" (5ftx3ftx40"deep), the Saguenay (6ftx4ftx48" deep) and the Manitoulin (7ftx5ftx48" deep).

Cedar Hot Tubs - Spa Pack

The spa pack of a hot tub is the control unit, key pad, pump and filter.In his video, the key features of the spa packs used on a Canadian hot tub are discussed.



All of our hot tubs are shipped as portable, all inclusive packages. 

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2 - 4 Persons Capacity

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