Our beautiful handcrafted Canadian hot tub kits blend beautifully into any landscape. With easy, on-site assembly they can be located virtually anywhere

About Us

Founded in 1976, Canadian Hot Tubs Inc. was one of the first companies to manufacture hot tubs in Canada. As a leader in the industry we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing the latest technologies and finding new ways to better serve our customers. Four decades later, we are still independent and family-owned and as committed as ever to personalized customer service and superior attention to detail.

Made with the finest, clear Western Red Cedar from British Columbia, Canada the timeless beauty of our hot tubs speak for themselves; whether installed in a backyard, cottage or indoors, the natural elegance and aesthetics will enhance the beauty of your surroundings while you enjoy ultimate relaxation.

What We Offer?

Our uniquely designed hot tub covers offer a perfect seal with a lightweight and easy roll up design (you’ll LOVE the difference) and we can customize them to fit most acrylic spas, swim spas and in-ground hot tubs.

In ground Spa Hot Tub Cover

Standard Hot Tub Cover

Why Choose Us?

Certainly, your uniquely designed hot tub covers offer several compelling advantages that set them apart from standard covers:

Perfect Seal and Lightweight Design

Unlike traditional covers that absorb water and become difficult to lift, your covers are specifically designed to create a perfect seal, keeping water out and ensuring that they remain lightweight. This feature not only makes them easier to manage but also prevents the growth of mold and other damage caused by water retention.

Customizable Fit

The ability to customize the covers to fit various types of hot tubs, including acrylic spas, swim spas, and in-ground hot tubs, is a significant advantage. This tailored fit ensures that customers receive a cover that precisely meets their needs, providing a seamless and secure fit for their specific hot tub.

Longevity and Durability

By addressing the common issue of water absorption, your covers are likely to have a significantly extended lifespan compared to standard alternatives. This increased durability means that customers can expect to replace their spa covers less frequently, resulting in long-term cost savings and reduced hassle.

Easy Roll-Up Design

The easy roll-up design offers an added layer of convenience, making it effortless for customers to access their hot tubs without the need for a separate spa cover lifter. This user-friendly feature is likely to appeal to those who value simplicity and practicality in their hot tub maintenance routine.

By combining these unique features, your hot tub covers provide a solution to several common issues experienced with traditional covers. Customers can benefit from a hassle-free, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain solution that enhances their overall hot tub experience.

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With a widespread presence across the USA and Canada, our strategically located centers ensure swift and reliable service delivery. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities and a skilled workforce, we are committed to providing efficient and top-quality products and services to customers throughout these regions. Whether you’re in the USA or Canada, expect seamless access to our innovative solutions and exceptional customer support.

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