Classic Hot Tub Covers

Sick of having a soggy spa cover that’s too heavy to lift?

Tired of replacing your spa cover every 3-4 years?

Fed up with having to buy a spa cover lifter?

Standard hot tub covers act like sponges- taking on water, getting so heavy they’re hard (or impossible) to lift, developing mold and getting damaged.

Our uniquely designed hot tub covers offer a perfect seal with a lightweight and easy roll up design (you’ll LOVE the difference) and we can customize them to fit most acrylic spas, swim spas and in-ground hot tubs.

Watch our short video to learn more:

Don’t let those nasty foam covers ruin the enjoyment of your hot tub!

Call 1-800-265-6355 or email [email protected] for a quote.

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  • "This new cover is so much easier to handle and because it covers the entire spa it will keep it cleaner for me. Bryan was very responsive and was super helpful in determining if this cover would work for us. We are very pleased with our purchase and highly recommend Canadian Hot Tubs!"

    David Hulbert

  • "Light weight, roll up, cedar, insulated cover. Easy to handle, no storage/lift mechanism required, matches cedar decking. Love it. Call Bryan."

    Ron Shippling

  • "Just received my in-ground hot tub cover from CHT and I love it! It is very sleek and looks amazing. I was having so many issues with those foam covers, they were waterlogged after 6 months and my wife & kids could barely lift them."

    David Hulbert

  • "The cover is cedar so it not only smells good, it repels bugs. It rolls and unrolls, so the weight is not an issue. It also looks great! We highly recommend the company and this product!"

    Sallie Verner

  • "Highly recommended, I have owned one of these covers for more than two years now and it has solved a problem that there is no way around."

    Gord Smith

  • "We have had a swim spa for six years. The vinyl cover had absorbed water, was discolored, and very heavy. We discovered Canadian Hot Tubs on the internet, did some research, and contacted them. They were wonderful! Our questions were answered promptly; they provided details about their spa covers, and a template for shaping the corners. Their service was excellent!"

    Sallie Verner

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