Assembly Installation Video


1. Floor – two sections that include six screws to join them together
2. Wall staves – two or three bundles (depending on the type of hot tub you
purchased) of wooden tongue and groove staves that include three smaller
staves for finishing. Machined staves for Jets, Suctions, Light, and Bubbler
will be labelled.
3. Three or four stainless steel bands with lugs and nuts to hold your hot
tub together.
4. A box containing a vinyl liner.
5. Seat supports and hardware, including wooden seat supports, lag bolts
and washers, red silicone gaskets, and round-headed locator screws.
If you have a 5-foot-deep tub, you will also have supports and hardware
for the footrests.
6. A set of seats with 2 ½ inch screws to attach the seats to the supports.
7. Foil reflecting insulation to fit between the liner and the cedar staves
and floor, and rolls of insulation to wrap the pipes once the installation
is complete. Tape is also provided.
8. A roll of coping.
9. One or two Suction fittings (depending on your hot tub model) and
optional elbows that may be useful during setup.
10. One Light fitting and nut.
11. Jets (4, 6, or 10 Jets depending on your hot tub model) and one or
two 1 ½ inch x 1 ½ inch x 1 ½ inch Tee fittings for the water line.
12. One or two 1 ½ inch x 1 ½ inch x 1 inch Tees and an air intake valve for
each air line.
13. A certified and tested Spa Pack which includes your pump, controller,
heater, keypad, and filter. If you have two Suctions and/or 10 Jets, you
will have additional Tee fittings. If you have a 10 Jet hot tub, you will
also have a 1 ½ inch valve needed during set up.
Hot Tub Kit Contents
14. A starter chemical pack.
15. A wooden tool to tighten and loosen the brown Jet thru-walls on
the inside of the hot tub. Please keep this tool for future use.
16. Silicone and PVC cement
17. A roll of flex hose for plumbing
18. A roll-up cover

Optional components:
1. A floating thermal blanket
2. If you ordered the Bubbler, you will have pipes, fittings, and a motor.
3. If you ordered the Ionizer, it has been partially assembled for you.
Required Tools
1. A white rubber mallet used for setting the staves to the floor
2. Adjustable wrench (or ratchet set)
3. 3/8″ electric drill
4. Screwdrivers
5. Carpenters square
6. Saw or flex pipe cutters
7. Pump pliers or pipe wrench
8. 3/16″ bit for drilling holes into the Bubbler pipe
(if you purchased the Bubbler)
9. Sharp blade
10. Level

Important Information

CANADIAN HOT TUBS INC. 330 Gage Ave, Unit 15, Kitchener, ON, N2M 5C6 519-745-1651 | [email protected]

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